For the first time in the history of the brand of ZUU founder Nathan Helberg has decided to bring in competition. Nathan is very big on “no egos” so some may wonder, why now after starting the brand in 2009?

Well if you’re one of the competitors in the closed FB group you’ll know why.

Nathan designed this tournament to showcase the ethos of ZUU in a competition.

There is 3 different levels of fitness to find an “entry point” for anyone. White for beginners. Blue for intermediate and Black for advanced.

So many NEW people who haven’t even heard of ZUU are getting involved because its bodyweight, no equipment needed and you are supported by a community that is all working to better themselves together.

Our goal was 30 teams to start in August. To date, 100+ teams have registered showing the strength of our community and their want for a competition that’s founded on the values that drew them to ZUU.

The inspiration from competitors of ALL FITNESS LEVELS and ages posting their training is nothing short of incredible.

10+ countries are represented in the over 400 competitors with more still joining!

The Tournament runs for 3 months beefier a break and then signups for the next 3 months of competition.

Each month a workout is dropped at the start of the month. The first 3 weeks of the month is training for the last week which is finals week.

The workout is time-based so everyone is looking to reduce their times for the finals.

Each team has 4 members. We have teams made up of individuals from 4 different countries and others that are made up of all family members.

The ZUU FIT Tournament is taking care of not only the physical aspect of health but it is connecting people online from all over the world into an inclusive culture positively impacting their social and mental health. #InspireOneInspireMany